Why bother writing a book?

People say to me “you must have a lot of inspiration who can write all these books, more than others”. Some inspiration, but more than anything – discipline. If I would sit and wait for inspiration to come and visit me then I would still be sitting here – without any books written. So many times I don’t feel like writing, but I still pursue it and then after some time inspiration comes and sit next to me. What I’ve written in the first 15 minutes, I nearly always delete because it’s often crap.
So why bother? A very good question that I don’t have an answer to. Why does a swimmer swim back and forth every morning? Maybe to win a swimming competition. Dreaming of Olympic gold medals? As an author I don’t dream of any medals. It’s more than enough if someone now and then mentions that they like what one has written, but not even that is necessary. I think writing is searching for an expression, an avenue and it just want to come out and play.
Gunilla Haglundh

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