BLOG – Good intentions!

Pitch black. 4 am. Waiting for the shuttle to come and pick me up for further transport to the airport and Melbourne. Eventually it turns up. The chauffeur talks to me in broken English and I understand that he is trying to say that he is sorry for being 25 minutes late. Lucky enough I have a bit of time up my sleeve. He is talking away in the bus and I can’t understand what he is saying. He is probably thinking bloody immigrant who can’t speak English, one of it is true, but travelling on Australian passport should help a bit. Our lack of communication makes me ponder about how important a language is and that we at least can share one language.
Yes, I get to the airport in time and then the plane is delayed so I end up being 30 minutes late for my meeting. I had the best of intentions though when I stood there in the darkness and waited in the morning – so did probably the driver.

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