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Yesterday my grandmother was buried. She was close to 102 years old. Very close to me. By that time she’d probably experienced everything she wanted. Seen every season coming and going. Followed children growing up and creating their families….and their children’s families…and their children’s families…How much more does one want. Being her granddaughter I was very close to her, not only because of blood, but love. Strong female role model for me to be inspired by. Knowing that anything one wants to do can be possible if the right spirit and determination is there. She was one of 10 children and she created a great life for herself and us. She didn’t miss anything from life. She went with a smile. And that’s how life should be, lived with a smile.

Bleeding for writing

Again, a white screen.
I’ve written two words – Chapter one. Blank.
What will be my first word? How will I get the readers hooked from the start?
The readers are my judge. I will always write, but my audience decides if I will make it or if I’m doomed to always wait for their approval.
For thousands of hours you write and rewrite, sometimes suffering or as Ernest Hemingway said; “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter – and bleed.”

BLOG – Good intentions!

Pitch black. 4 am. Waiting for the shuttle to come and pick me up for further transport to the airport and Melbourne. Eventually it turns up. The chauffeur talks to me in broken English and I understand that he is trying to say that he is sorry for being 25 minutes late. Lucky enough I have a bit of time up my sleeve. He is talking away in the bus and I can’t understand what he is saying. He is probably thinking bloody immigrant who can’t speak English, one of it is true, but travelling on Australian passport should help a bit. Our lack of communication makes me ponder about how important a language is and that we at least can share one language.
Yes, I get to the airport in time and then the plane is delayed so I end up being 30 minutes late for my meeting. I had the best of intentions though when I stood there in the darkness and waited in the morning – so did probably the driver.

Why bother writing a book?

People say to me “you must have a lot of inspiration who can write all these books, more than others”. Some inspiration, but more than anything – discipline. If I would sit and wait for inspiration to come and visit me then I would still be sitting here – without any books written. So many times I don’t feel like writing, but I still pursue it and then after some time inspiration comes and sit next to me. What I’ve written in the first 15 minutes, I nearly always delete because it’s often crap.
So why bother? A very good question that I don’t have an answer to. Why does a swimmer swim back and forth every morning? Maybe to win a swimming competition. Dreaming of Olympic gold medals? As an author I don’t dream of any medals. It’s more than enough if someone now and then mentions that they like what one has written, but not even that is necessary. I think writing is searching for an expression, an avenue and it just want to come out and play.
Gunilla Haglundh

Midsomer Murders is coming to Australia!

Her twentieth book is just about to be released. It’s a very special time, not only because it’s her first fiction book but also, her first book in English here in Australia. Her name is Gunilla Haglundh. She is from Sweden and has lived for ten years in Australia, Manly. She is a business journalist with nineteen books behind her about small and medium size enterprises as well as personal finances. She is celebrating her twentieth book, by doing something completely different. She has just written the last letter on the first book in the Manly Murders series – A Mother Without a Child.

That’s a big step to go from non-fiction to fiction. Why?

“It is a big step. However, writing about businesses demands a lot of research, to go through business reports and pull them apart to see the real status of a business. It has a few similarities with detective work that I did not think of until I started to write. I found myself working in the same way. At the same time fiction demands a lot of extra layers – to create suspense and the thrill.”

So is it a thriller?

“No, not at all. My ambition has been to create the Australian version of Midsomer Murders, which is taking place in an English countryside village. I picked Manly because I think it’s a beautiful place which has all the attributes that a story like this needs such as the Quarantine Station with its ghosts and stories, St Patrick’s cathedral, beach life and a bit of history.”

Tell us something about the book

When Australian business icon, Martin Stream, is murdered one morning on a Manly ferry on his way to work, local detective inspectors Georgia Show and Stephen French step in to solve the case. Martin, married with three adult children has a business empire spanning the globe. The police think they are close to a solution and probably suspects – when there is a second murder at the ghostly Quarantine Station in Manly. This time it’s a well-dressed European woman.

That’s sounds like a book I want to read. What was the biggest challenge?

“In my normal writing I have most of my knowledge in my head before I start writing. To write crime is totally different. I would like to thank the NSW Police Force who has supported me enormously, without them it would almost have been impossible. I have to say that I’ve got good advice from the Swedish Police Force too.”

Fantastic, what is happening now?

Book launches, book signings and a very active online presence. We have been on Social media for months now prior to the book being launched, just to create the awareness. We have the official book launch on the 4th October at Manly Art gallery. Immediately after that I’ll go into writing of the next book in the series – The Lifesaver’s Secret. So it’s full on! Of course in between I have to wait for the verdict from the readers. They are my judge.

Wow, do you have time for anything else?

I do work 3 days a week as a business journalist so writing books is the so called hobby.

How many books will it be in the Manly Murders series?

I have no idea. I’m not deciding that, the readers do. Midsomer Murders started 24 years ago and it is still going.

Do you have any role model for you writing?

There’s no secret that my Swedish colleagues Henning Mankell (Kurt Wallander) and Stieg Larsson (The girl with the dragon tattoo) have been great inspirations to me, not only because they are Swedish but because they are writing in a way that I hope I will get close to one day. It’s strange though, I worked at the same paper as Stieg and we worked together on a project. I also used to have a summerhouse very close to Henning Mankell so there have been some personal encounters as well. They tend to mean more now because I don’t live there any longer and can’t experience it again. Memories are a good thing.

Good Luck with the book!


Connect With Detective Georgia Show on Facebook

After much coaxing, Detective Georgia Show, as featured in the Manly Murders series is now on Facebook.

You can check out her profile and add her as a friend by clicking here. You can also check out her background a bit on there as well.

Her partner, Detective Stephen French, is still holding out but now that Detective Show has joined up, we’re sure it won’t be long until you can connect with him on Facebook as well.